Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Common UPVC Lock Problems

Due to the relatively low cost and simple installation of UPVC double glazed windows and doors, they have become a standard item for most homes in the West Midlands and throughout the UK. However, over time UPVC locks are likely to show signs of wear and tear and may not work properly, or in some cases, not at all.

Whilst replacement UPVC parts are easy to find, it is always advisable to contact a locksmith to repair or replace locks, to make sure they are fitted properly to provide the optimum level of security. By attempting to fix a problem yourself, you could risk causing further damage and incur extra repair costs that could have been avoided. In most cases, a locksmith can restore UPVC locks to full working order with minimum fuss.

There are a number of problems that commonly occur with UPVC doors and windows:
  • Misalignment:
    One of the most common problems related to UPVC doors is misalignment of the door and frame, which results in it being difficult to shut the door and lock it properly. The main causes of misalignment are usually door panels or glass that aren’t packed properly, or in some cases, wear and tear on the hinges. In most cases, locksmith repair services can fix a misalignment problem relatively quickly, however, in some cases, worn out hinges may require replacing
  • Damaged and misshapen doors:
    If excessive force has been applied to a door, for example, in an attempt at burglary or vandalism, the door can be bowed, resulting in a multipoint lock being hard to open and close. If you find that your door will not lock properly due to such damage, you should call a locksmith to review the damages and decide on how best to fix them.
  • Multipoint lock failure:
    If you can’t turn your key to open or lock a door, or if you are unable to remove the key after locking or unlocking, it is likely that your multipoint lock has failed. Further signs of multipoint failure are if it is difficult to lift or engage the multipoint, or if your door handles droop slightly. In all of these situations, the multipoint must be removed, and a replacement fitted. It is always recommended to ask a professional locksmith to fit a new multipoint lock.
Are my locks up to British Standard?

As UPVC locks have been around for a long time, unless you have had your locks and multipoint system fitted recently, within the last 4 years or so by a reputable locksmith, there is a good chance that your door and window locks don’t supply a sufficient level of security to comply with your insurance requirements. If your UPVC locks are outdated, you should contact a locksmith to fit new British Standard locks.

If you are based in Sutton Coldfield or the West Midlands area and are in need of locksmith repair services, you can call Chubb Locksmiths on 0121 353 3644.

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  1. Sometimes exterior locks can freeze, interior locks get dirty, and also small internal parts eventually wear out or break. So before buying a replacement lock, try some quick remedi like put some graphite into the keyhole.
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